Scootin Blue Shadow

Trixie foaled a beautiful homozygous black grullo roan colt 9 days early. Tito is built like a tank, he has a pretty little dish head, nice long neck and huge chest, shoulder and hip.  He is correct in every way and bred to work a cow.  He has a few white hairs on his forehead and not other white (four black feet)

SOLD - Tito has gone to WA. Thank You Tammy!


Pictured above at 4 months


Trixie is bred to Scooter for a March 8th foal.  This is our first year breeding Trixie, we have seen her previous foals and we think she and Scooter will make a nice cross. 

Chex Out My Bling (pending)

Pictured above at 6 months old

Itchy foaled 9 days early giving us a colt we call Moonie, he is a Zebra dun (bay dun) and has all the barring and stripes like his daddy in a beautiful bay color. Offered for sale (Call for price)


Previous Years Foals:

2004 - Smokey Black Filly (carries the cream gene)

2005 - Homozygous Black Silver Grullo Colt (carries the cream gene)

2008 - Black Colt

2009 - Silver Grullo Filly (carries the cream gene)

Jess A Lil Dream

"Dream" pictured at 3 months old

Super barrel prospect (check out her pedigree) Marty foaled an adorable red dun filly early April 7th, she's super cute with a dishy head, super hip, bone and well put together and she is catty!   Loaded with with dun factor and bred to move.  SOLD - Congratulations Jessica!


Twist And Scoot (pending)

Pictured at 2 months


Hazel foaled a big blue roan colt with hazel eyes and dun factor on 4/19/10 at 11pm - He has a few white hairs on his face and no other white.  Very correct with good bone.  Sold

Double The Boogie AQHA & APHA

Kansas foaled a gorgeous buttermilk dun colt on April 30th. This colt can be registered with, AQHA/NFQHA/APHA/ABRA and he should qualify for any and all of the foundation registries so if you want to show, here is a great prospect offering many options. Sold - Going to Nevada, thank you Nicole!  


Hard Rockin Hancock

"Moose" pictured below at 3 months

Tylo foaled a big beautiful grullo/roan colt on Friday April 23rd, he is HUGE and perfect in every way. Sold to our friend Angela Davidson (Scooter's original owner) If she makes him half the horse she made Scooter, he will be AMAZING - can't wait to see this one mature!


We use to own Tylo's dam and we currently own a half sister on the dam's side and several 1/2 sisters on her sires side. These are the bloodlines we have been building our program towards for years.  


Baileys OnlyPrettier (pending)

Drifty foaled a fancy Smokey Black filly that is homozygous for the black gene on May 1st at 5:30 am. "Velvet" has a star and some white on 1 coronet band. They just don't get any prettier than this! Beautiful dishy head, pretty neck, nice strong shoulder, deep heart girth and a huge hip - decent bone and a good foot too.  What more could you ask for.   

This filly is for sale, $5000 FIRM



Previous foals:

2006 - Blue roan filly by Revue Hancock - Owned and loved by Shannon Needham in Oakley CA

2007 - Blue Roan filly by Lucky Glo Hancock - Owned by Gary Hanning in Nevada

2008 - Homozygous Black filly by Scooter - Owned by Bailey's Performance Horses (not for sale)

2009 - Dark Slate Smokey Grullo filly  - Owned by McGuire Ranch

2010 - Homozygous Black Smokey Black filly Owned by Bailey's Performance Horses

Curious George




Betsy foaled a beautiful grullo colt on May 16th, George is very fancy with a huge hip and shoulder, pretty head, elegant neck and good bone and feet. Sold, Congratulations Amanda of San Jose!


Smokes While Scootin (pending)



Hoggy foaled a very fancy filly on June 4th, Priss is a beautiful palomino with dun factor, she has a pretty head, nice neck, huge hip, strong shoulder and good bone and feet.  She is very correct.  This filly is for sale $2000